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Donors often wonder if their gifts can make a difference when research is often funded through government grants. Government grants are typically awarded to research proposals that are conventional in nature, not innovative or interdisciplinary projects. Yet novel projects are more likely to improve the quality of life in individuals in the present while interdisciplinary approaches have the potential to work towards a cure all the faster. By investing in the Diabetes & Obesity Research Institute, you can be an important participant in this effort to improve the quality of human life. Your gift supports scientists, funds cutting edge research, and buys state-of-the-art equipment. Your donations help to:

  • Provide seed funding in order to obtain NIH funding
    In order to obtain more government funding, we have a critical need for seed funding which will allow DORI investigators to pursue innovative and multi-disciplinary research. Any investment that we would get in seed grants would yield an enormous return in further funding and scientific advancement.
  • Bridge NIH funding gaps
    In light of the budget difficulties at the National Institutes of Health, many of our highly successful faculty members will have temporary gaps in funding for their research projects. Bridge funding helps to sustain momentum in their labs for potentially life-saving research.
  • Recruit world-class faculty
    Faculty at the DORI are encouraged to abandon traditional research silos and work collaboratively to investigate solutions to diabetes and obesity from a variety of perspectives. It is a common sight to walk into a conference room and see a physician, geneticist, neurobiologist, and biophysicist discussing a research problem over coffee. We hope to recruit world-class senior scientists and promising junior faculty members to add their voices to our collaborative conversations and multi-disciplinary teams.