DORI Metabolic Assay Core (Human and Animal)

The objective of the Metabolic Assay Core is to provide assay services to investigators of the USC Diabetes and Obesity Research Institute (DORI), and non-USC Diabetes and Obesity Research Institute investigators. Core personnel will serve a didactic function by teaching others the theory behind the assays and by providing advice to investigators regarding the measurement of various analytes. The Core will provide assistance in the measurement of hormones, cytokines, lipids and carbohydrates in human and animal biologic fluids. Investigators will pay a fee-for-service that covers the cost of reagents, supplies, a percentage of personnel salary, and instrument usage. The measurement of assays will utilize modern instrumentation run by experienced assay technician(s) in a reliable, quality-controlled environment. Equipment used to perform assays includes an ELISA plate reader, YSI glucose analyzer, and Luminex technology.

Download the MAC Assay Request Form (doc).


DORI Assay Core Management
Project Manager – Natasha Soares
Phone:  323-442-1937


Assay Manager – Lilit Baronikian, BS
Phone: 323-865-3379


Faculty Director – Dr. Joyce Richey, PhD
Phone:  323-442-1939