The Diabetes & Obesity Research Institute brings together a diverse group of researchers spanning over 15 divisions and departments across the University of Southern California.  It’s not uncommon to walk into a conference room and see a neuroscientist, a geneticist, and a physician discussing novel techniques in diabetes research. DORI investigator perspectives range from basic sciences to engineering, environmental sciences, immunology, genetics, pharmacology, public health, dentistry, dermatology, endocrinology, and beyond.

To facilitate collaboration and guide the development of the Institute, the DORI developed an initial seven special interest groups.  The special interest groups are designed as broad research categories, providing a forum for topical discussion and the development of collaborative pilot studies.  Special interest groups are by no means research “silos”, rather the groups offer a broad topic to be researched and attacked from diverse perspectives.  The seven inaugural special interest groups include,

  • Neuroscience & Obesity
  • Behavior & Intervention
  • Maternal-Child
  • Adipose Tissue Biology
  • Beta-Cell Biology
  • Complications
  • Immunology & Type I Diabetes

DORI Special Interest Groups meet individually and through periodic Institute retreats that offer opportunities for collaboration, learning, and pilot study funding. As the Institute develops, additional special interest groups will be developed.