DORI’s 2019 Symposium Winners

Trainee Lightning Talks Winners:

1st place: Verenice Ascencio, undergraduate student from CSULB

*Dr. Michael Goran and Dr. Lindsey Schier

2nd place: Jennifer Zink, PhD student from USC

*Jennifer Zink and Dr. Michael Goran

3rd place: Linda Tsan, PhD student from USC

*Linda Tsan and Dr. Michael Goran

Trainee Poster Presentation Winners:

1st place: Carina Alvarado, undergraduate student from CSULB & Ellice Wang, medical student from USC (no photos taken)

2nd place: Ana de Oliveira Laub, postdoctoral fellow from USC & Trusha Perekh, USC staff (no photo taken).

*Ana de Oliveira and Dr. Michael Goran


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