Post: Current study and recent publications- Tyler Mason, PhD

Current studies:
Biobehavioral Effects of Inhibitory Control on Eating and Diet Behaviors Among Adolescents
5K01DK124435-02: May 1, 2020 – January 31, 2025
Role: Principal Investigator

Recent publications (2021):
Dynamic associations between anxiety, stress, physical activity, and eating regulation over the course of a behavioral weight loss intervention. Appetite. 2021 Sep 21; 168:105706. Smith KE, Mason TB, Wang WL, Schumacher LM, Pellegrini CA, Goldschmidt AB, Unick JL. PMID: 34560159. View in Pubmed-

Using the acquired preparedness model to explore the role of eating expectancies and impulsivity in binge eating. Eat Disord. 2021 Aug 12; 1-10. Howard LM, Mason TB, Crosby RD, Dvorak RD, Wonderlich SA, Smith KE. PMID: 34383627. View in PubMed:

Dynamic Stress Responses and Real-Time Symptoms in Binge-Eating Disorder. Ann Behav Med. 2021 07 22; 55(8):758-768. Smith KE, Mason TB, Schaefer LM, Anderson LM, Critchley K, Crosby RD, Engel SG, Crow SJ, Wonderlich SA, Peterson CB. PMID: 32856687. View in PubMed-

Longitudinal Associations Between Neighborhood Park and Open Space Access and Children’s Accelerometer-Assessed Measured Physical Activity: The Evidence From the MATCH Study. J Phys Act Health. 2021 Jul 01; 1-9. Yi L, Mason TB, Yang CH, Chu D, Dunton GF. PMID: 34198261. View in PubMed-

Psychiatric Comorbidity Associated with Eating Disorders in 9- to 10-year-old Children. Can J Psychiatry. 2021 Jun 18; 7067437211026485. Mason TB, Smith KE. PMID: 34142584. View in PubMed-

Interactions among Reward Sensitivity and Fast-Food Access on Healthy Eating Index Scores in Adolescents: A Cross-Sectional Study. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2021 05 27; 18(11). Wang SD, Nicolo M, Yi L, Dunton GF, Mason TB. PMID: 34071876. View in PubMed-

Associations among affect, diet, and activity and binge-eating severity using ecological momentary assessment in a non-clinical sample of middle-aged fathers. Eat Weight Disord. 2021 Apr 17. Mason TB, Do B, Chu D, Belcher BR, Dunton GF, Lopez NV. PMID: 33866535. View in PubMed-

Bi-Directional Associations Between Real-Time Affect and Physical Activity in Weight-Discordant Siblings. J Pediatr Psychol. 2021 04 16; 46(4):443-453. Smith KE, Mason TB, O’Connor SM, Wang S, Dzubur E, Crosby RD, Wonderlich SA, Salvy SJ, Feda DM, Roemmich JN. PMID: 33313910. View in PubMed-

Associations of Mothers’ and Children’s Stress With Children’s Device-Measured Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior Trajectories Across 3 Years. J Phys Act Health. 2021 03 30; 18(5):477-487. Dunton GF, Chu D, Naya CH, Belcher BR, Mason TB. PMID: 33785655. View in PubMed-

Examining prospective mediational relationships between momentary rumination, negative affect, and binge eating using ecological momentary assessment. J Affect Disord Rep. 2021 Jul; 5. Smith KE, Mason TB, Reilly EE, Hazzard VM, Borg SL, Dvorak R, Crosby RD, Wonderlich SA. PMID: 34458883. View in PubMed-

The COMET study: Examining the effects of COVID-19-related perceived stress on Los Angeles Mothers’ dysregulated eating behaviors, child feeding practices, and body mass index. Appetite. 2021 08 01; 163:105209. Wang SD, Devjani S, Chillakanti M, Dunton GF, Mason TB. PMID: 33737212. View in PubMed-

Momentary associations between stress and physical activity among children using ecological momentary assessment. Psychol Sport Exerc. 2021 Jul; 55. Do B, Mason TB, Yi L, Yang CH, Dunton GF. PMID: 33841048. View in PubMed-

Relations among sweet taste preference, body mass index, and use of E-cigarettes for weight control motives in young adults. Eat Behav. 2021 04; 41:101497. Mason TB, Leventhal AM. PMID: 33714925. View in PubMed-

Construct, concurrent, and real-world predictive validity of the Difficulties in Emotion Regulation (DERS-18) among young adults with history of homelessness. Psychol Assess. 2021 May; 33(5):385-394. Semborski S, Henwood B, Rhoades H, Mason T, Wenzel S, Rice E. PMID: 33630634. View in PubMed-

A systematic review of neural correlates of dysregulated eating associated with obesity risk in youth. Neurosci Biobehav Rev. 2021 05; 124:245-266. Smith KE, Luo S, Mason TB. PMID: 33587960. View in PubMed-

Descriptives and baseline ecological momentary assessed predictors of weight change over the course of psychological treatments for binge eating disorder. J Psychosom Res. 2021 04; 143:110373. Mason TB, Smith KE, Williams-Kerver GA, Crosby RD, Engel SG, Crow SJ, Wonderlich SA, Peterson CB. PMID: 33567390. View in PubMed-

Measurement of the influences of social processes in appetite using ecological momentary assessment. Appetite. 2021 06 01; 161:105126. MacIntyre RI, Heron KE, Crosby RD, Engel SG, Wonderlich SA, Mason TB. PMID: 33515621. View in PubMed-

Facets of Impulsivity in Relation to Diet Quality and Physical Activity in Adolescence. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2021 01 12; 18(2). Smith KE, Lavender JM, Leventhal AM, Mason TB. PMID: 33445815. Viewin PubMed-

Longitudinal Prospective Association between Hedonic Hunger and Unhealthy Food and Drink Intake in Adolescents. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2020 12 15; 17(24). Mason TB, Smith KE, Lavender JM, Leventhal AM. PMID: 33333776. V iew in PubMed-

Anhedonia, positive affect dysregulation, and risk and maintenance of binge-eating disorder. Int J Eat Disord. 2021 03; 54(3):287-292. Mason TB, Smith KE, Anderson LM, Hazzard VM. PMID: 33295671. View in PubMed-

Eating to Cope With the COVID-19 Pandemic and Body Weight Change in Young Adults. J Adolesc Health. 2021 02; 68(2):277-283. Mason TB, Barrington-Trimis J, Leventhal AM. PMID: 33288456. View in PubMed-

Delineating the role of binge eating in cancer research. Eat Weight Disord. 2021 Oct; 26(7):2109-2116. Mason TB, Smith KE. PMID: 33201393. View in PubMed-


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