Post: Congratulations to the DORI’s 2nd pilot proposal winners!

Congratulations to Fred Sattler, Steve Mittelman, and Ralf Langen & Pinchas Cohen for winning the DORI’s 2nd pilot proposal submission!  Fred is from the Department of Medicine and his proposal is entitled “PET/CT Scanning and PBMC Phenotyping to Non-invasively Identify and Quantify Deep Abdominal Fat Inflammation in Obesity: A target for pre-emptive therapy to prevent serious cardiometabolic complications.”  Steve is from Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Saban Research Institute and his proposal is entitled “Role of Natuarl Killer Cells in the Development of Diet Induced Obesity.”  Ralf is from the Biochemistry and Molecular Department and Pinchas is from the Gerontology Department.  Their proposal is entitled “A Novel, Anti-Diabetic, Protein-Aggregation Inhibitory Role for the Mitochondrial-Peptide Humanin.”


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