Research Highlights

2016 DORI Seminar Calendar

Speaker Seminar Date University Marc Weigensberg, MD March 8 (Tue) USC Ashutosh Chilkoti, PhD April 12 (Tue) Duke University 4 USC students/postdocs May 17 (Tue) USC Marzieh Salehi, MD May 24 (Tue) Cedars Sinai James Granneman, PhD Sept. 13 (Tue) Wayne University Christian Pike, PhD Oct. 11 (Tue) USC Terry Unterman, MD Nov. 7 (Mon) […]

2015 ADA and Boehringer Ingelheim Research Award

Congratulations to Janos Peti-Peterdi, MD, PhD, Professor of Physiology and Biophysics director of the Multi-photon Imaging Core at USC as he has been awarded a prestigious 2015 American Diabetes Association and Boehringer Ingelheim Research Award: Kidney Disease and Renal Insufficiency in the Setting of Diabetes.

DORI researcher Katie Page MD has published a new study in PNAS

DORI researcher, Katie Page, MD, has published a new study in PNAS “Differential effects of fructose versus glucose on brain and appetitive responses to food cues and decisions for food rewards.” Below is the link to the article: Below is the link to the publication:

2015 DORI Seminar Calendar

Speaker Seminar Date University/Institute Jacob Friedman, PhD January 21 (Wed) University of Colorado School of Medicine 2nd Symposium Feb. 17 (Tue) & 18 (Wed) 10 speakers (8 external & 2 internal) Harvey Grill, PhD March 2 (Mon) University of Pennsylvania Wei Li, PhD March 10 (Tue) USC Ashlesha Datar, PhD April 14 (Tue) USC 4 […]

DORI 2015 Symposium Weblink

DORI’s symposium on Feb. 18th was recorded and can be viewed at the following link:

Congratulations to the DORI’s 2nd pilot proposal winners!

Congratulations to Fred Sattler, Steve Mittelman, and Ralf Langen & Pinchas Cohen for winning the DORI’s 2nd pilot proposal submission!  Fred is from the Department of Medicine and his proposal is entitled “PET/CT Scanning and PBMC Phenotyping to Non-invasively Identify and Quantify Deep Abdominal Fat Inflammation in Obesity: A target for pre-emptive therapy to prevent serious cardiometabolic […]

Activation of Hindbrain Neurons Is Mediated by Portal-Mesenteric Vein Glucosensors During Slow-Onset Hypoglycemia

MaryAnn Bohland, Aleksey V. Matveyenko, Maziyar Saberi, Arshad M. Khan, Alan G. Watts, and Casey M. Donovan Hypoglycemic detection at the portal-mesenteric vein (PMV) appears mediated by spinal afferents and is critical for the counter-regulatory response (CRR) to slow-onset, but not rapid-onset, hypoglycemia. Since rapid-onset hypoglycemia induces Fos protein expression in discrete brain regions, we […]

The Rate of Fall of Blood Glucose Determines The Necessity of Forebrain-Projecting Catecholaminergic Neurons for Male Rat Sympathoadrenal Responses

Anne J. Jokiaho, Casey M. Donovan and Alan G. Watts Different onset rates of insulin-induced hypoglycemia use distinct glucosensors to activate sympathoadrenal counterregulatory responses (CCRs). Glucosensory elements in the portal-mesenteric veins are dispensable with faster rates when brain elements predominate, but are essential for responses to the slower onset hypoglycemia that is common with insulin […]

DORI’s First Annual Research Symposium – Feburary 19th

DORI’s First Annual Research Symposium From Cells to Psychology: Integrative Insights into Diabetes & Obesity Wednesday, February 19, 2014 from 8am to 5pm Keck School of Medicine of USC Norris Research Tower: Aresty Auditorium 1450 Biggy Street, Los Angeles, CA 90033   Featured Speakers: Carey Lumeng, MD, PhD – University of Michigan Medical School Christopher […]

Congratulations to the DORI’s first pilot proposal winners!

Congratulations to Henry Sucov, Frank Gilliland, and Scott Kanoski for winning the DORI’s first pilot proposal submission!  Henry is from the Cell & Neurobiology Department and his proposal is entitled “Molecular Biology and Physiology of Epicardial Adipose Tissue.”  Frank is from the Department of Preventive Medicine and his proposal is entitled “Environmental Obesogens, Breastfeeding and Early-Life […]