The Diabetes & Obesity Research Institute seeks to link basic, clinical, and public health research to advance understanding of obesity and its relationship to type 2 diabetes and develop effective approaches to risk assessment, disease prevention, and treatment at the individual, national, and global levels.

Through scientific discovery, we aim to advance research and understanding guided by four strategic goals:

  • Create an environment that fosters discourse
    • Host a monthly seminar series with leaders in the fields of obesity and diabetes
    • Host seminars to support outstanding post-docs and young researchers
    • Disseminate meaningful and impactful information to scientists, practitioners, policymakers, and community leaders
  • Support and build interdisciplinary research teams and discoveries
    • Incentivize cross-disciplinary collaborations and partnerships across schools and departments within USC and across universities throughout the world
    • Sponsor an innovative, annual pilot research funding program
    • Host annual inter-disciplinary research retreats
  • Provide core infrastructure and shared resources
    • Facilitate basic and applied research relevant to the prevention and treatment of diabetes and obesity
    • Leverage collaborative workspaces across departments
    • Build and expand collective core research facilities
  • Expand our ability to examine and prevent obesity and diabetes
    • Translate knowledge into practice
    • Recruit top-tier faculty
    • Fundraise to support on-going and pilot studies